Can Answering Client’s Questions help your Marketing Strategy?

answering client's questions

Third Idea for Video Marketing is answering client’s questions. Okay. YouTube calls these hygiene videos. Common question videos are great for Facebook. Now, you could come up with a weekly segments, for example, where people know that every day, let’s say I was just coming up with an idea. For instance, you’re gonna do it on Fridays, right?

Like, okay. What if you did freaky real estate Friday? So, everybody knows the concept of freaky Friday. At least I think they do. It was a movie with a little Dicky song. So you do like freaky real estate Friday? I don’t know. There’s different ideas. Like, I talked to a guy yesterday and he started a new series called “60 seconds with mortgage Mike”.

Hence people are going to start expecting every week that series with him. So could you start doing that? And for Facebook, this is a great answer. Common questions is a great one. So here’s some examples, like if you talk about buyer questions.

You know, these are all pretty common type of buyer questions, you know? and there’s obviously a million more, you’re the one having conversations with buyers every day, you know the kind of questions that they’re asking.

Starting Videos in answering client’s questions

Firstly, start it this way, I asked you a question, jot that down on your notepad or whatever, and then go shoot a video about it. Hey, you know, I was out showing a client earlier. He asked me what is PITI. We were talking about the payment. What does that actually mean? And what’s included in that.

I just wanted to share it here because I figured if he has that question, you know, somebody else probably does too. And who’d give the answer? if you want to talk about anything real estate related, if you have questions or you want to know, what’s the next steps for you to get started in Real estate, hit me up. I’d love to talk to you about that.

And you got a quick call to action. That’s an easy, like two minute video, and you can get people sharing that. It’s a lot of great, great content, great positioning pieces. So sellers, what’s the MLS, what costs are there involved with selling? What’s a seller leaseback, especially right now, it seems like everybody’s getting a seller lease back for at least some period of time in order for sellers to make sure that they can find another house. How do you find them a house? How do I find my house’s value or my home’s value? Those are all kind of seller questions.

Who do you want to attract?

If you work with investors or you want to work with investors, therefore, you know, you can talk about some of these things. What areas are most desirable? Is it better to flip or hold in this market? Who’s a good property management company. How do I find out my investment properties value?

However, if you don’t want to work with investors, don’t make investor contents, then you won’t attract them. Make content for the people who you want to attract today. Today an Epic video that anybody could make and probably some, at least some conversations, if not an actual client out of it is to talk about how to actually move up in today’s market. I mean, because everybody sees like, Oh, it’s a sellers market. If I sell my house in one day, how am I getting a new house? If you have some ideas and solutions around that, and you talk about how you’ve already helped your other clients do that, that’s an Epic video, right? Because you know, people want to sell.

The market in terms of listings is way down and people want to sell, but they are scared because they don’t know where they’re going to go or how that’s going to work. If you can solve that fear, somebody is going to reach out to you today and want to talk to you about making that move for them.

Who are your other targets?

Now, there’s other people you can try to hit as well. Like renters, relocations, people buying second houses, all these kinds of questions. For loan officers, at least, you can talk about refinances and what is a two or three K like, how can you buy a house that’s kind of crappy and fix it up and use, you know, alone to do the whole thing and never have to come out of pocket.

So all these are things that people that aren’t dealing with real estate and mortgages on a daily basis, they don’t know a lot of this stuff, you know? Um, it can come as second nature because you’re an expert, right? You’re an expert. You deal with this on a daily basis, you know, all the lingo, the code words, the, um, what do you call them? Acronyms, you know, all that, you know what all that stuff means, but like buyers don’t, right?. And so you can bring them up a little bit more to your level by sharing that stuff and being the person that provides that, you know, be the person that provides that information to them. Make content around your ideal customer.

Your videos are who you’re going to attract.

I’ll give you a perfect example in Facebook ads. When I run Facebook ads, I never talk about first time home buyer grants, low credit programs available. I don’t talk about that stuff because when you talk about that, down payment assistance is available.

You get people who need down payment assistance and you know, at the end of the day, that’s not my ideal client. My ideal client got a fat savings account, or they’re going to sell their house and use the equity to buy a new house. I don’t want somebody that’s like a renter with no money in the bank. It’s not my ideal client.

So you got to talk to, you know, definitely in all these questions and all these scenarios, you know, if there’s somebody that you don’t want to work with, don’t make content for that type of people. You know, it’s pretty easy.

In conclusion

This third idea, answering client’s questions, YouTube calls, common questions like FAQ’s, they call them hygiene videos, hygiene, videos, meaning that they should be put on your channel frequently.

Just like hygiene has to be done frequently. Right, but they make amazing Facebook posts as well. You’re going to get people to share your content. You’re going to help people elevate a little bit more, become more knowledgeable, where they can actually make a decision. Sometimes people are stuck in indecision because they’re scared.

They don’t have enough answers. You might answer the question today that has solved somebody’s problem. And they’ve been wanting to figure out their next steps. Now, all of a sudden, you just like open the door for them.