Adsmiths Aged Mortgage Leads Reactivation Campaign starts to engage in the database for new clients. They come on to Adsmiths, to help them get more business immediately. It’s really a great way to hit your database for people who haven’t taken advantage of working with you yet, who haven’t purchased a home or maybe who have.

A no answer is very useful it allows you to focus your time and energy. So, find out who purchased quickly and remind them that they engaged you and asked you for help. Now, leads that are around 75 days or older, not years, are best used to remind clients that they requested help. Remind them that you exist, that you’re there to help them.

Also because, the average buy cycle of an online lead is four to nine months. So what this does is allow you to hit them right in the middle of that cycle. You know, between two to three months in. They’ve probably already gone through their tire kicker phase. They probably already thought about the logistics of how this actually works there.

Zombie Text Campaign

They’re doing some internal planning and stuff in their own and now is the best time for you to get back in there and re-engage them and say, “Hey, let me help you on this process.” So that way you’ve gone through the mental thoughts of, “I’m just thinking about this” to “This is something you actually want.”

It’s the best time to hit them again and make sure you’re taking advantage of that. And the zombie campaign text is like the simplest thing ever. The text is simply, “Are you still looking to buy a home?” That’s it. It’s going to elicit a yes or no response, because again, we think about the timeline of four to nine months.

This is hitting them at 75 or 90 days. That’s three months into the timeline. They have been thinking about buying a home, and now they’re trying to figure out what the next step actually is. So they’re going to say already purchased, which gives you tons of valuable information.

“I am looking to purchase now.” Okay, great. Perfect. Let me get engaged with that person or “I’m not looking to purchase.” Okay. Again, a good option because you can say, “Hey, why not? What changed in your status now from 90 days ago?” If they say they already purchased, that is the sad, but still super useful option, right? Because that means database follow-up and processes aren’t strong enough. that person kept you in mind when they chose to purchase a home.

Timing the Leads

To conclude, Adsmiths aged mortgage leads reactivation campaign, was sent out on to around maybe five or 600 prospects and three people came back, said they already purchased. And that just really showed that our client’s process for how he dealt with his database was not good. It was not useful because those clients, those three deals that literally he had in his bucket that left.

And now, you know, he can’t take advantage of that anymore. Um, this message usually has around a 30 to 40% response rate on those older leads. I wouldn’t usually send this out on anything 30 to 60 days. I would wait at least minimum 75 days. And, um, you know, anyone who responds positively is going to be in a perfect position timing wise to purchase because we know the timeline of a lead again is four to nine months there are three months in they’re going to be ready. They’ve made the mental decision to say yes, let me do this. Now. They’re going to make the hard choices of what are the actual next steps to take advantage of that.

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