Old school strategies that used to work pretty well to grow a mortgage business are old news to the modern day agent. They don’t need your coffee in the morning, are on a strict grass fed dairy free diet for lunch and don’t eat out and they would rather go out with their actual friends for happy hour than a random Facebook acquaintance.

You’re going to have to bring a little more value to the table to compete in the modern era of real estate and mortgage marketing.

Here’s a question every Loan Officer should ask themselves right now — What problem do I solve for Realtors?

Look, there is a sea of loan closers out there. Guys and ladies who can close on time with a competitive rate and communicate decently.

That’s not enough anymore.

Here are a couple ideas to help you add more Realtor partners as a Loan Officer in 2023:

Some of the things Legion of Loan Officers members are doing right now with success include:

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Add more Realtor partners as a Loan Officer in 2023