I wanted to share seven ideas that will make your live events for realtors better. Most of the time, I have one-on-one calls with people every week. In a lot of my one-on-one calls are around live events for realtors, (because Brian and Luke do such a good job on the tech side) I don’t really have to answer that many technical questions and stuff anymore.

So a lot of times it’s more around ideas and I did this event for realtors. They don’t work as good as it could have, or I’m doing an event. What should I do to make it awesome. And so these are really seven things that I’ve noticed a pattern that I’m sharing with people over and over. Just like small tips that will make your events for realtors better and so just want to just kind of want to run through them real quick.

1. Music

Number one is to have music playing before and after the events for realtors. So you want to have music playing and that way, when people come in, it’s going to keep, it’s going to have a higher energy level than if they come into a dead room. Like when they come into a silent room, it completely changes the energy level. It’s like, they’re more upbeat, your music can determine their energy. So you want to workout mix where it’s going to be like, popular songs, but they’re sped up or their DJ remixes so that they have faster beats per minute.

And so that’s usually what I’m looking for. Is something that’s kind of fast music, current music, where people are gonna know the songs or it’s, the best rock songs of the seventies or whatever. Something along those lines, what’s gonna be like cool music and it doesn’t have to be blaringly loud, but you do want it to be louder than maybe you think it should be.

The reason for that is when people are having private conversation, it allows for people to have private conversations. So when people are in the room, as we’re coming in, as you’re meeting people, people that are having conversations, everybody’s not overhearing the other conversations because the music creates a background noise.

The only conversation you can pay attention to is the one that’s right in front of you. So having the music before will help with that as well. Having the music playing after the event is, again, it just helps to keep, take the energy level back up at the end of the event and really doing those things is something that I learned from going to a networking marketing events.

You’ll notice that they always do that. We always have music pumping in the beginning. Get people like hyped up and energetic. And then at the end they always turn music on right at the end. And the reason they would do that at network marketing events is because as conversations are happening about people saying, this is a scam or I’m interested in joining or these things, those conversations are only being had within the people here.

So everybody all around the room can be having conversations and that loud music, it drowns out all the other conversations. So it doesn’t matter. You’re not, if you’re talking about, if I’m me and Lewis are here talking about, I’m interested in joining, I don’t hear the guy over here talking about, I think it’s a scam.

You know, this isn’t for me. Where I’m like, Oh wait, maybe this is a scam. You know, it allows only one conversation to be had at a time. So again at the end, you don’t have to have the music on blaringly loud, like a nightclub or something, but you just want to have it up so that it gives the music. It gets the energy again, up and going. People get like happy and motivated and it allows for private conversations to occur at the end.

2. Giveaways on Events for Realtors

The second thing is to make sure you’re doing some sort of giveaways. Now you can do the giveaways if you’re bringing, two different referral partners in the mix.

So for example, if you’re having a title person they’re helping you do the event for realtors or an attorney when you’re doing it at their office. And then if you’re bringing in your insurance agent or a home inspector or somebody else that’s helping you promote the event. Then that could be their contribution is I need you to go get five, $2 scratch off tickets they were going to giveaway during the event. Or I need you to have some sort of giveaway. I just like to use a lottery tickets. If you give away $1 scratch offs or $2 scratch offs. Almost inevitably somebody in the room, if you give at least four or five tickets, somebody is going to win.

And now when you win, what’s my wins? It’s like, Oh yeah. See, people are already making more money from coming to this training. This is awesome, and you make a big deal out of it. And it’s just, it’s really fun. You can also get people to or you can also use the lottery tickets during the rapid fire question.

So every class that I teach or that we’ve created for the Legion. They all had a rapid fire question built into it, and it’s designed to get audience participation right off the bat. And so, if you want say, whoever has the highest number during this round is going to get another scratch offer.

Whoever has the craziest story or doing the rapid fires and you get another lottery ticket. And you get people wanting to share maybe a little more than they would, because you’d be amazed. People will just want to win. It doesn’t even matter what the prize is. Like people just want to win. So that’s why the $1 scratch offs they’re really good for this role, because you don’t have to put a lot of money into it.

It’s something that’s just fun. And especially if you make a big deal out of a winner, right? Like take a picture with the winner, get up, have them hold their ticket. Everybody wins when they come to my events, this kind of stuff. It’s like, you just got turned into fund.

3. Audience Participation

Number three is getting lots of audience participation and even force it if it’s necessary. One way to do this is to know people’s names,. So when you’re in the front of the room, you can call out specific people. “Hey, Louis, what do you think about that?” “What do you think about that, Walter?” “Victor, do you ask a lot of questions when you do class?”

When you host classes like that so the CSR, even Victor was ready to answer Louis to see Walter, that these guys were all ready to get answers because that’s just what you do. Somebody asked you a question. If I asked you a question and I literally just stay here and I do at least a four second pause.

It’s going to get so awkward that you’re going to answer the question. The awkward, that was about four seconds, it’s like, even to the point, I saw some people in here where they’re like, “Oh, let me, let me fill in this gap”. So just keep that in mind, People have to answer if you ask them a question and give at least a four second pause, the human brain is designed to fill that gap.

And typically that’s just what you want to, like I said, hopefully you don’t have to force the conversation, but that’s the way you do it. is that you do it in a really soft way you say like, “Right. Louis, what do you think about that Loius?” You know, you just make people have to give an answer. Creating more audience participation, the more you can create the better your class is going to be.

Right. I’m always looking for opportunities to say, like, “how does that work for you?” “Like who has a crazy story about that?” “What do you guys think about that?” And just get their feedback, It’s going to create different conversations. So I’m actually going to give myself an opportunity to demonstrate more expertise by helping you answer those questions.

4. Make them Laugh on events for Realtors

Number four is you want to make them laugh. People, when you laugh with somebody, it creates a bond and it elevates that connection with that relationship, when you can laugh with somebody. So look for those opportunities, whether you’re use, if you’re being self-deprecating and you’re kind of laughing at yourself and making a joke about yourself, or if you’re just telling a joke or just look for opportunities to make people laugh.

To point out something funny. If you have referral partners in the room, sometimes I’ll try to use them. I’ll try to make a joke about my referral partner, because number one, it makes people laugh. Number two, it’s going to show people that we have a real, we have such a tight relationship that I can make jokes about him.

It’s not like he’s offended. He’s laughing with me. Like, because we’re buttons, right? People want to be friends with people like that. So if you can make people laugh, always, take that opportunity. If somebody laughs in the room, try to laugh with them. It doesn’t mean, don’t fake laugh, but don’t pass it on.

Sometimes I see that with people where somebody will be laughing and you’re just like sitting there and letting them laugh, try to laugh with them, like have a moment, and people like, do that as like your people remember that.

5. Create Post

Number five is ask them to create a post at the end of the class.

So again, we build this into all of our classes in the legion, but we build in an opportunity to ask people. “Hey, who here has got an awesome value? Raise your hand. If you’ve got to turn the value out of this class today, right?” They’re all gonna raise their hand.

“Here’s what I need you to do. Will you, I need you to do me a huge favor. Okay, pull out your phone right now. And I want you to take a picture, you can take a selfie, take a picture of chairs up here at the front of the room, whatever you want to do. And I want you to take a picture and post it online and tag me on the post.” Let people know that when Louis host a class, they need to come to the class because it’s awesome.

Everybody gets a ton of value out of it. And we just want to make your other realtor friends and we’ll make them jealous that they didn’t come today. They probably missed out on this awesome information. But very few people will make a post like that if you don’t ask, but people will make it.

If you ask not everybody. So don’t have this expectation, like 20, 20 out of 20 are going to make a post, but maybe five or seven will make a post. And that’s huge when you can get five or seven people, realtors telling other realtors like you guys missed out men. Cause when Nick hosts a class, it’s awesome. It’s awesome content.

And now they’re going to start getting you in the DM’s, they are going to start sending you friend requests asking when’s your next class. It’s going to create opportunity for you because you create that fear of missing out by having, basically the people that came tell other people that should have come, then they missed it.

We do this a lot of, we try to find opportunities for these same things during the conclave, right? How we did the selfie session and some of these different opportunities. We want to show people what they’re missing out. If they’re not in the room. Also along those same lines real quick as like sort of a, something is, don’t talk about the people that aren’t in the room.

If you’re hosting an events for realtors and you were expecting 20 people and five people showed up, give your all to those five people and be super grateful that those five came. Don’t talk about the fact that we were expecting 20 people, 15 people didn’t, I can’t believe 15 people are as weepy and they just didn’t even show up.

You start making people feel bad that are in the room. They’re like maybe I shouldn’t have came to this either. Whereas you could elevate those people and make them super special.

“You guys are freaking smart and you can get actually, you know what, but since there’s only five of you this year, I’m actually going to show you guys, one of my live ads. I’m going to show you guys some secret shit that I wasn’t planning on showing, because I didn’t want to give it to 20 people. I’m going to show you guys this because, because there’s only five of you here. And I think I want to honor you, the fact that you showed up.”

6. Stick around

Number six, make sure you stick around afterwards. It goes along with the music playing, but after the class is over the people that are interested in what you’re talking about, they’re going to come up to you and want to talk to you.

They’re going to want to come up and they’re going to want to either talk to you about partnering or wanting. “How can we have a meeting?” “Can we go and have some lunch?” They’re going to want to have a chat with you, right? So you don’t have to be awkward. You can still pack your things and stuff, but just on your schedule, plan out that if you’re doing a class from 10 to 11, You’re going to need to stay there at least until 1130 at the late, at the earliest.

Because people are going to want to have conversations with you and look. That’s the whole point of doing it. Is you’re doing the class to create conversations. So make sure you stick around and give yourself a fair chance to have those. If you just rush out right afterwards, you’re going to leave people that wanted to talk to you and they didn’t get a chance.

Make sure you book time in your calendar so that you can stick around and be able to just be available to chat with people.

7. Follow up on events for Realtors

The last one, number seven is actually follow up right at the end of the day. Follow up ultimately is going to determine so much of your success in the Legion with, with Facebook ad, with your database, and definitely we’re doing live events for realtors, right?

So you have to actually. Follow up with the realtors that are coming to your events. Doesn’t mean you have to follow up with everybody because you might not like everybody that came. There’s always, maybe some jerk that hang out in the back and you don’t have to follow up with him. We’ll make sure that there’s people you want to work with. That you actually follow up with them and send them a handwritten note card.

Tell him that you felt lucky that they were at your class. You could throw another lottery ticket in there. If you wanted to invite them, call them afterwards and invite them to come to your office. I actually have a plan put that plan in place. So you can convert those live events into referral partners.

Or the other thing is when you get one-on-one, a lot of times is when you can get them to those are asking you about coming to their broker’s office or meeting their broker, doing private classes for their office and their teams and this kind of stuff. Also, they’re going to get more opportunities. It will definitely present themselves as you’re getting one on one with folks.

So just wanting to share those seven tips on having events for realtors. If I have any feedback or questions or anything about those seven ideas around live events for realtors you can message me.

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