Every smart Loan Officer knows the fastest way to grow a 10+ loans per month business is having awesome Realtor partners sending you deals.
The challenge is the majority of mortgage pros, probably even you, are using outdated and frankly annoying marketing strategies.
Some of the things you might be trying to win over Realtors are actually pushing them away and making them never want to do business with you.
Is that your goal?
No, I didn’t think so.
Here are the 7 biggest mistakes Loan Officers make that Realtors secretly hate you…

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You Are Making Them Fat

Sure, they’ll eat a donut or cupcake or whatever delicious treat you drop by the office. But later on, when they have guilt for chowing down on those extra calories they’ll be blaming you.
Do you know how hard it is to recover when you start in a deficit?
It’s not worth it especially since the busy agents aren’t in the office and don’t want to experience a sugar crash in the afternoon.

They Love Earth and Think You Don’t

Loan Officers looove to print off a million rate sheets and deliver them around like anyone wants to read it.
Nah bro.
Good Realtors partner with smart Loan Officers and they rely on YOU to do that side of the home buying transaction.
It’s dangerous to give constantly changing info to Realtors and expect them to keep up with today’s rates.
Teach them how to refer you and keep the mortgage conversations to you where they can be controlled.

You Act Like a Creepy Leach

Every Monday Realtors know Loan Officers will be pounding the phones.
These intrusive phone calls typically have two goals: Asking for loan handouts or an awkward blind coffee date.
Here’s the issue I’ve seen with people who get loans from these calls…
They are almost always crap credit and crap home buyers that you really don’t want anyways.
Then, you pigeon hole yourself as the guy who does crappy credit deals and that’s all they send you.

You Got Their Starbucks Order Wrong

Speaking of awkward coffee dates, this is probably the most popular place for that to happen.
Or maybe Corner Bakery.
Where do you prefer to lock Realtors into a conversation that will never amount to deals? LOL
Sorry, that was harsh. But it’s also true.
Save coffee and lunches for people you’ve already established some rapport with so you don’t have to convince them how awesome you are over appetizers.

Being a 1990s Communicator

You say you’re a great communicator. It’s even part of your Unique Selling Proposition to Realtors even though it’s something that’s expected and not a bonus.
The challenge is that you don’t even know what a hashtag is or how to talk in 2017-2018 ways.
That’s why you’re still cold calling Realtors on Mondays and not wiggling your way in on social media first. #Lame

You Make Sales Meetings Boring-er

If it’s even possible, Realtors all know the meeting takes a turn at Boring Lane when a Loan Officer shows up to talk about their new mortgage programs. Yawwwwnnnn.
Why do you disrespect their time like that?
What if you brought actual value to the meeting like how they can find more buyers or listings?

You Stalked Them at an Open House

You know what’s even worse than trapping a Realtor in a conversation at a coffee shop?
Stopping at an open house, unannounced and uninvited, and take up their time and space with your message.
Not cool, creepo.
Again, they’ll be cordial when you’re there but afterwards they’ll be texting all their friends about the creepy mortgage guy that wouldn’t leave the open house.

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