Today the mortgage sector plays a vital role in the US economy. In the fourth quarter of last year, the mortgage industry amounted to nearly $390 billion dollars.

The latest reports also show that the US mortgage size has reached approximately 11 trillion dollars, making it one of the biggest markets in the world. 

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Leverage Your Skills Through Effective Mortgage Coaching 

While the mortgage industry continues to flourish, starting a career or thriving in this business is not an easy feat.

Besides learning about your competition, you should also familiarize yourself with different state policies and local requirements.

Fortunately, there are now mortgage coaching programs available that will not only guide you through different steps but also help you hone your skills. This will help leverage your business, generate new leads, and build strong relationships to have more and quicker success. 

Mortgage training programs usually include coaching calls and recorded training materials. Some even offer access to private membership groups. Take advantage of these perks to build your network and learn the best practices in the industry. 

The Value of Mortgage Coaching 

If you ask around, there are several successful mortgage loan officers who really give credit to the role of training and mentorship programs they have joined.

Just like any industry or business, there are always new things to learn. This is vital, especially for those who are still in the early stage of their business, which usually involves the loan basics, product knowledge, market research, and selecting the right tools to use in your mortgage business.

As they say, there’s always room for improvement. In fact, even top-producing loan officers and mortgage brokers still join these programs.

A players know they can pick up even just one gold nugget and it could return their invesment by 10-20X.  

For those who are just getting started in the mortgage industry, you may encounter different pain points and some can be more challenging.

Rest assured, there are also others who go through the same phases.

The best way to grow and elevate your home loan business is to lean on those who have broken the trail. 

Make Your Investments Worth It: Getting the Most from Mortgage Coaching 

Clearly, consulting a mortgage coach is a good idea.

However, not all those who have participated in such programs have taken full advantage to learn more from their coaches.

Keep in mind that you have invested in this training. Lean into the coach and group you choose to get the most out of it. Look for hidden opportunities during the program. 

To ensure you’re not wasting your money and time, here are some tips you can do to make the most from mortgage coaching: 

Tip #1: Set Clear Goals 

Before attending or joining any mortgage training programs, you need to set clear objectives. What is your purpose in joining this group?  Do you want to learn marketing? Certain processes? Are you looking for more innovative ways to attract Realtors?

Knowing your objectives will help you choose the right mortgage coach or select the right program.

Try to identify your main pain points before you focus on other items. 

Additional Bits: There are tons of mortgage training programs available online. Check the overview or coverage of the training they offer. Never hesitate to ask the creator to ask for more details about any other courses they offer. 

Tip #2: Do Your Research 

It’s always better to do your research and be more informed about your investment. This will help set your expectations from the people you want to learn from. Additionally, you should also look for the credentials of the facilitators. One way to find out you’re dealing with a reputable mortgage coach is asking your Facebook friends for feedback and checking Google to see what ranks on page one about them.

Additional Bits: Just like when searching for quality products, always read the testimonials and reviews about their services. Browse through their entire website and social media profiles. Be familiar with their success stories. Consider the years of experience under their belt. Ask other people who previously participated in their training programs. 

Tip #3: Be Curious 

In this industry, curiosity can always lead to something good. This is one of the keys to getting the most from your mortgage coaching.

In a business study conducted by Harvard University, they have discovered that curious people tend to choose better decisions. This has helped them improved their performance towards their career.

When you’re curious, you tend to ask more questions from your mentors and peers. And, that’s how it should be. You should never hesitate to ask questions. 

Additional Bits: During your training, make sure to jot down notes and questions as they pop in your head. Having a simple notebook available is a good idea. 

Tip #4: Seize Every Opportunity

One of the best perks of joining mortgage mentorship programs is there are always hidden gems you can discover.

In addition to basic principles and other tailored lesson plans, there are many hidden opportunities that await.

For example, at a Legion Conclave in 2018, several members met for the first time in their lives. They connected really well and formed a new mortgage brokerage in 2019. Today that company has multiple Legion members working there and on pace to close over $100 Million per year.

Don’t be afraid to ask your mentor for more connections. They probably have a whole rolodex of the best people for different needs.  

Additional Bits: After completing your mortgage training program, you can ask your mentor for a recommendation letter or certificate. Most of the time, mortgage coaches will provide these documents. Keep in mind that one of their key objectives is to help you have a successful career. 

Tip #5: Apply What You Learn

Your investment in mortgage coaching is useless if you don’t apply what you have learned from the program. There will be circumstances that you may have second thoughts or even have nervousness about implementing certain parts, but you need to trust the process.

Remember, these people are more experienced. They have gone through the different stages and have successfully overcome these roadblocks. 

Additional Bits: If you encounter some problems, don’t hesitate to contact your mortgage coach. For sure, they are more than willing to guide you every step of the way. As mentioned earlier, one of their goals is to help their “mentee” reach success. 

Tip #6: Give Feedback! 

Sometimes, your coach or mentor also needs proper feedback. Take note that each has its own approach or method when it comes to managing their training program. There are some methods that could be effective for others, but don’t work for you. Discuss with your mentor the best approach for you to make sure you are getting everything from your investment.

Key Takeaways 

All in all, mortgage training programs can help you in your career in many different ways. Consider it as one of your key investments in your career.

Plug in and use all the resources to get the most from it. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss it with them. 

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