Pick up artists have a bad wrap as only trying to shag but a lot of times it’s about having the confidence to even approach, engage and ultimately try to close another human into something you want from them.

These same tactics apply in business and being a little more suave and presentable never hurts.

Here are 5 tricks from PUA training that will help Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers who are courting Realtors to be partners.

Remember You Are Doing The Realtor A Favor

Realtors are used to hearing lame pitches from mortgage brokers and loan officers. You’e going to stand out by providing some real value on the first call. How? Invite them to an online or in-person event. I think that’s the best cold call is an invite to a group setting versus some creepy one on one with someone they don’t know.

Use Facebook Leads As A Conversation Starter

One of the great things about knowing and running your own lead generation is that you can control the volume. Are you attending an event or want to get Realtors to chat you up in a Facebook group? Get some Facebook leads and use them as bait. To improve the quality use The Legion of Loan Officers style called Trojan Forms and add custom questions to Facebook’s built in lead forms.

Match Your Outside Appearance Match With Your Inside

Like it or not, looks matter, and not just in traditional sense of beauty. Your most ideal partners are probably into the same things you are. Adding a personal flair to your style will help attract the people you will best bond and work with too. Be willing to ruffle some feathers so the whole world isn’t luke warm about you.

Don’t Be Afraid To “Neg” Realtors

Realtors useually sit atop the invisible business pyramid when it comes to their relationships with other professionals and service providers because they get the leads and control the deals. This confidence usually allows them to dictate when and where they will meet with you (if at all). Say no and suggest they come to your favorite place. Be willing to do the dance and keep the balance more even. “Negging” is a term like to do small digs or not be willing to be impressed by things other Loan Officers probably get a halfie about.

Publicly Flirt With Other Realtors

There’s something about a popular person that makes them more attractive. Mike Tyson used to talk about how no girls wanted him until he was famous. Then he couldn’t beat them off with a stick. Same thing can happen to men that wear a wedding ring. It’s this intrigue about why they are worthy of being a husband. Talk about your Realtors in public (meaning Facebook posts, really). Share their wins and tell cool stories. Don’t share their listings without it being really special and having your own text on why people should care.

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