There are 3 ways to audit your mortgage business.

So right now it’s a time that you can be auditing your business. Okay, So what should you actually be auditing? Firstly, you could start auditing your time. So you can be looking at where are you normally spending your time and your business, and Is that the highest and best use of your time, right?

It could be where maybe you’re getting bogged down in some basic things that if you just hired a virtual assistant or hired an in-office assistant or got a loan partner, then there could be some opportunity where, you know, oftentimes we’re just one hire away from maybe a completely different business. If you audit where your time is being spent right now, where your energy’s going then maybe there’s some better places for it to go. So that’s auditing your time.

Next is your money. Obviously that seems to be pretty standard in terms of an audit. But we’ll be looking at your money. Look at your iPhone or a Google play store subscriptions. You could be looking at just your overall business expenses, maybe, you have random, like, I probably needed to do this for myself this week because there’s probably a bunch of little random software and stuff that we don’t use that we’re paying three, four or 500 thousand dollars a month for something like that we could, we could cut out. So we’re going to be looking at all that kind of stuff in terms of money.

Lastly that you could be auditing is your team. So a lot of times people don’t think about, like, let me audit my team and looking at the team that’s around you. Do you have superstars around you?

Can you have addition through subtraction? Well, I’m not saying that you should be like out to fire people right now. That’s not at all my goal or my intention. I’m just suggesting, looking at your team that’s around you. Do you have the team that you need? or Do you have the support system that you need?

Do you have the, some kind of structure? Who’s your tribe? What tribe do you have around you today that you’re able to go to for support, for help when you need help, when you want to brag on your wins. Do you have a tribe like that around you? Right now, if you need a tribe around you check out and try using those 3 ways to audit your mortgage business

You can see what we’re doing inside of the Legion. And I would love to be part of that tribe to support you in your business. But looking at your time, where’s your time going today? Are you getting the highest and best use out of the time that you put into your business? And again, I’m not coming suggesting, like, you should be working 16 hours a day on your business.

Obviously there’s some people that are doing that, but I’m just saying that looking at the time that you’re actually putting in, are you getting the highest and best use out of the time that you are putting in? Right. And then again, just checking out your money situation, making sure that just. Looking at what expenses you have.

And really the thing that I’m looking at right now is like recurring charges. Right? What recurring stuff do you have set up through Google iTunes stores, different softwares and. Just random accounts that all just charge your bank every month. And I’m looking at all that kind of stuff, just to, just to get an idea of what’s going on.

Right. And then looking at the team around you, do you have winners? Um, do you have winners surrounding you, right as the team are your subordinates below you? Are they the best people that should be on your team right now? Is there somebody else that you could hire that would make a huge impact in your business?

Right? Maybe there’s somebody that. If you’re a solo person, maybe hiring or getting a loan partner, having somebody like that, having a marketing agency, working with you, having the right tribe around you, these are all things that you can be looking at with your, in terms of your team and making sure that you have the best team around you to support you and making sure that you’re progressing forward.

Right. All right. So making sure that you use there 3 ways to audit your mortgage business. let me ask you guys this there, I mean, when’s the last time you audited your business or have you already done any of this since, you know, within the last couple of weeks since people, you know, obviously. Lockdown quarantine has been rolling in different areas and different times.

And, uh, you know, are you auditing your business right now?

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