All right, what’s going on? I figured I would just go live here and talk real quick and share how loan officers can get more new realtors and partners. Okay. I have at least two or three conversations with loan officers a day and I’ve come up with basically that there’s three different categories or three different ways that loan officers attempt to get the attention of realtors.

All right. So see which one you are? If you’re looking for a better way, I’ve got a link right here. You can check out our program.

Ways to get New Realtors

1. Stuff

Number one way that loan officers attempt to attract realtors is with stuff. Okay. This was especially popular a few years ago. When, you know, you would bring donuts or bring pizza or bring lunch, or like bring something to the office for realtors, whatever, you know, if you wanted to try to get in front of new realtors.

And if you wanted to try to put yourself out there, right? You could bring a candy bowl with your business cards inside the candy bowl. You could bring donuts, you could bring any of those sorts of things and you could try to get their attention with stuff. Maybe you could also invite them out to lunch or the coffee meeting, right.

This would also be around how to get their attention with stuff, right? Which is what we don’t necessarily want to do that because it doesn’t start the relationship off on the right foot. Right now, they were maybe creating an expectation that we’re just always going to be providing stuff. Right. And that’s not necessarily what you want to do when you’re trying to start a new relationship with a realtor.

2. Money

Way Number two that loan officers try to get realtor’s attention and work on building relationships is through money. Right now, the money thing could be taking them out to lunch, can also go up under this money idea, right? A lot of times you’re going to see this around co-branding or loan officers paying for marketing.

Right. When I was a realtor and like 2005, I would get loan officers to pay for my magazine ads and for any advertising that I wanted to do. Then, we could just go get loan officers to pay for that stuff. Right. And a lot of times maybe you have realtors coming to you the same way where they’re like, Hey, I’ll work with you, if you pay for this. Right.

Zillow is great at that pitch right now, where if a realtor comes to them and they want to get a zip code and they don’t have the money, or they don’t want to pay what Zillow wants to be paid, Zillow teaches them how to go to a loan officer or in fact, Zillow, sometimes we’ll even call the loan officer and say, “Hey, you know, realtor X is trying to get the zip code. Do you want to partner with them?” And so maybe you’ve been approached that way, where people have come to you, looking for you to help pay for Zillow leads, and that sucks too, right?

3. Providing Value

And way Number three that you can create realtor relationships and starting your realtor relationships is by providing value, right?

So there’s a lot of ways that you can provide value, but basically there’s three simple things, right?

a.) Help the Realtor market themselves better

b.) Help them to get more leads and clients

c.) Help them sell more houses

And if you’re doing that and you’re providing value and you’re initiating a relationship and you’re continually coming to the relationship by bringing value, either by providing leads or by helping a realtor generate leads or helping the realtor sell houses more often faster, or get more leads and get more customers coming in the door, helping the realtor stay in touch with our database.

There’s a lot of things you can do, right. In fact, we have a 21 point marketing checklist that you can use to go over with a realtor and figure out exactly where the realtor is strong on marketing and where they’re weak on marketing so that you can help them and you can bring them value right away.

Right. So it’s like immediately you can provide value on a one-on-one level using the checklist that we provide. So if you’re looking, you know, like, I don’t know where you fall. Right. But you’re probably in one of those three things, like, how are you building realtor relationships?

Are you using it through stuff? And if you’re trying to get their attention through stuff that was cool, like 10, 20 years ago.

Or are you doing it through money? That works, but then you’ve got to spend your money.

Or are you doing it through value? And if you want to do it through value, and maybe you’re looking for a way that you can be more valuable to realtors, you should consider joining mortgage marketing mastery.

Inside of my program, we had it broken down into two major sections. The first is how you can generate your own leads. And we’re going to teach you six different campaigns that you can use to generate exclusive mortgage or real estate leads that you can turn and turn into business for yourself, and also share out with your realtors.

And then we have three modules around how you can be more valuable to realtors. They’re all designed exactly to make you more valuable to realtors. And we’re going to teach you the agent attraction system so that you can have at least 10 referral partners. So that’s something you’re interested. There’s probably a link right around here.

So you can go to, and we can get on the phone and chat about that and see if you’re a fit for the program. But look, just think about that, right? Those are basically the three ways. That you can attract a realtor. You can either bring stuff to them. You can use your money and spend your money, or you can provide value.

And which one are you going to do at the end of the day? I think it’s way easier and more profitable for you to become valuable to the realtor and not have to rely on bringing stuff to their office, not have to rely on taking them out to lunch and spending your money on Zillow leads and co-branding stuff for them because you can be valuable.

And that’s why they’ll want to work with you because you bring value to the table. Hope that helps you out. I hope you have an awesome day and, uh, see you next time later.

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