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Legion of Loan Officers Reviews

Are you thinking about joining The Legion of Loan Officers and want to hear some real reviews and testimonials from existing members?

Jeremy in Georgia gives Legion of Loan Officers Review

Jeremy in Georgia

Loan Officer

When you join The Legion of Loan Officers, it's so much more than just ads.  Nick's expertise in Facebook is unreal. You will learn how to brand, how to market, how to get people to notice you and really just become visual in your community. 

michael in north carolina gives a legion of loan officers review

Michael in North Carolina

Loan Officer

The Legion of Loan Officers...let me tell you. If it wasn't for these guys, I would not be on vacation. I was a 1-2 deal Loan Officer. The Legion took my game to the next level. Now I'm a 5+ Loan Officer. 

Testimonial for Legion of Loan Officers from Bobby in South Carolina

Bobby in South Carolina

Loan Officer

Giving a shout out to Nick and Bryan Carpenter over there at The Legion of Loan Officers. They are fantastic to work with. They do what they say they're gonna do.

rob gives a legion of loan officers testimonial

Rob in Oklahoma

Loan Officer

Julio came in the office earlier and said that ad we were running earlier, we sent her 27 leads.  This morning when I woke up we had 27 leads and it ran for 24 hours. He got a text back saying she just put us as her preferred lender on Zillow because of all these leads.

caton shares his mortgage mastermind experience

Caton in
San Diego

Loan Officer

We spent $140 over 7 days. We got a total of 43 leads. 4 of them turned into applications for loans,  one of which is a $350,000 VA buyer. And lastly, this was the best one for my Realtor, we were able to pull out a $400,000 cash buyer.