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Discover How To Add 10 Great Realtor Partners Without Cold Calling or Awkward Lunch Dates

Plus Copy My Best Facebook Campaigns To Generate Mortgage Leads

The Average Loan Officer is Wasting Money, Doing Marketing That Attracts Sub-Par Referral Partners

Maybe that's you right now? You're tired chasing down Realtors who aren't doing much business only to be one of 3 recommended lenders and they still expect you to pay Zillow fees.

Unfortunately this is the reality for many Loan Officers in America. You're stuck in a cycle of bringing treats to Realtor offices and paying for these ridiculous co-branding schemes by sites like Zillow and Trulia.

Back in the day there were 3 main ways Loan Officers would approach real estate agents about partnering up. First, there was the donuts drop-off. You'd stop by the local donut shop and grab a dozen or two for each office. Slap a business card on the top and toss a few inside so you can get those deals!

Next, you could invite a Realtor out for a coffee meeting. Have a little small talk and hopefully get to know the agent better to see if you're a fit. These meetings can be nerve-wrecking, like a first date, especially knowing they have at least 2-3 lenders already in their back pocket.

Finally, you could bring a Realtor out for lunch. These meetings can be effective with the right people or can be a huge waste of time and money with the wrong ones. How will you know the difference?

Paying for Desperate Blind Lunch Dates and Crappy Zillow Contracts Is a Thing of the Past

Do you have the mortgage business you want? We ran a survey of 300+ Loan Officers and they told us about the top 3 issues they are having right now.

The first challenge Loan Officers have is generating mortgage leads. Many people are paying for leads and getting into partnerships with agents for access to their Zillow leads. Most companies online are selling leads to several mortgage companies and you end up in a race to broke as customers rate shop among the Loan Officers who call them back.

No one wants to compete with 3-5 other Loan Officers for business, especially if you can start getting your own exclusive mortgage leads every day. ​

The second challenge that came up on the Loan Officer survey is people having trouble converting the leads they are generating. Competing for business is certainly a factor in converting leads. It makes sense you can convert more leads if you are the only Loan Officer calling them. Right?

Lastly, the 3rd challenge for mortgage professionals is getting more (or better quality) Realtor referral partners. The goal for most Loan Officers is to have at least 10 solid partners. Assuming each real estate agent is closing at least 1-2 deals per month you'll have a solid 10 loans per month business.

Generate Exclusive Leads

Convert More Leads

Attract 10+ Realtors

There Are Enough People Who Will Do Business Your Way, You Don't Need The Ones That Won't.

I will always remember hearing that quote from The Billion Dollar Man, Jim McMahan, at a private event we hosted in Breckenridge, Colorado. 

It's a message I share with Loan Officers on a regular basis because we all get this idea of who we are supposed to be in the mortgage business. The truth is your business will flourish when you are authentic. The right people will be attracted to you and the others will fall away. It's perfect. There are plenty of Realtors who want to know and work with the real you.

So, here's our goals so far...

  • Generate and convert mortgage leads. What can you do to have your own steady stream of exclusive mortgage and real estate leads coming in daily?
  • Become more valuable to Realtors. The trick to edging out the current lender is to bring more value to their business and life.
  • Attract at least 10 referral partners. That's the goal you should aim for, with your business. Once you have solid partners who refer the right way...ahhhh life is great.
Convert Loan Applications from Mortgage Facebook Ads in The Legion of Loan Officers

Facebook is a Gold Mine of Home Buyers and Refinance Clients Waiting For Someone To Help Them...

You've used Facebook for all kinds of personal reasons - sharing your kids' photos, bragging about your spouse, and keeping up with your best friends from high school. Those are fun things to do while you ALSO take advantage of the business side.

Getting started with Facebook Ads for mortgage leads can be really intimidating. The Ads Manager has a zillion options and if you aren't careful your money will poof and disappear. We started testing Facebook Ads back in 2012 and have spent over $45,000 testing campaigns and generating leads.

You Can Copy Our 8 Best Facebook Campaigns for Mortgage Leads.

Swipe and adapt is sooooo much faster and easier than going through the years and thousands of dollars we've spent to figure out what works to get exclusive real estate leads to share with agents.

And this is why I created an underground marketing society for Loan Officers...

Legion of Loan Officers logo

Yes, you can now join - 

The Legion of Loan Officers

A Private Training Program and Peer Support Group for Smart Loan Officers.

Here's what you get inside the main courses as a member...

Module 1 - Organic Realtor Seduction

Get 5 ways to use Facebook for free that makes Realtors reach out to you. This process helps facilitate a better conversation with Realtors since they come to you based on value.

Module 2 - Always Successful Live Events

We'll share our way of getting belly-to-belly with 8-20 Realtors every single month for free. This process positions you as an expert and makes follow-up simple.

Module 3 - The Site Visit

What do you do when a Realtor comes to your office for the first time? We cover everything from when they pull into the parking lot until they walk back out the door. This practically guarantees more meetings and deeper relationship with new Realtors. 

Private Peer Support Group

Every member is inside our private discussion group where you can share ideas, get feedback from other Loan Officers, and get help for any challenges you're facing in the mortgage business.

Module 1 - Setup and Compliance 

Download our landing page templates and complete all the techie stuff to run Facebook ads. We'll also show you how to integrate 3rd party apps to automate as much as possible. 

Module 2 - Escape Rent Funnel 

How to get renters interested in buying a home before their lease expires.  

Module 3 - The Patriot Funnel

Everybody loves helping military veterans and this gets you VA leads. 

Module 4 - Employee Special Funnel

Target companies in your area with a special program that doesn't cost a Loan Officer any money.  

Module 5 - Property Site Bumper Funnel 

Use a Realtor's listing to get a flood of high quality leads for that specific property.

Module 6 - Industry Night Funnel 

Help people in special industries like healthcare, teaching, and first responders. 

Module 7 - Secret List Funnel 

Realtors have access to homes no one else does and we leverage that information here.

Module 8 - 3 Challenges Funnel 

Target local Realtors with this video campaign sharing how you can solve their problems.

Module 9 - Divorce Funnel 

It's not pretty, but someone has to help them figure out what to do with the house. May as well be you.

Module 10 - Mobile Conversion System

Learn how to get in your clients pocket with this process for leads generated on Facebook. You'll receive our best phone scripts, text templates, and copy-and-paste emails for Loan Officers and Realtors to use.

See what some of our customers have to say:


You will receive a login for 24/7 access to the Legion of Loan Officers training website called Mortgage Marketing Mastery with all 5 courses and the recorded live weekly calls. You will also be added to our secret Facebook discussion group where we offer weekly group Q&A calls, monthly webinars with high level experts, and other bonus content not available inside the membership site.

You know I have to throw in some bonuses!

So you also get...

How to dominate YouTube with 3 minute videos

Module 1 - What To Record for YouTube

How to find out what people in your area are searching for on Google and YouTube relating to mortgage and real estate topics so you can take it over.

Module 2 - How To Record Videos

Desktop and mobile options to record the best videos in the easiest way.

Module 3 - Optimizing for YouTube

Learn how to use the title, description, tags, and all the advanced YouTube settings to get more people to find your videos organically (for free). 

Module 4 - Website Connection

This is how Google will also pick up the video by doing one extra step to connect each video to your loan officer website.

Module 5 - Promotion Process

Now it's up to you to get the word out about your new video and receive a few initial views. Here's how we do it.

6 ways to sell any listing in 3 days

Strategy 1 - Movie Release Method

Use one of the same techniques as multi million dollar Hollywood movies uses to get people in seats the first weekend a movie comes out in theaters.

Strategy 2 - Seller's Shoulders Check-In

This technique lets you get inside the seller's private network in a cool way without them doing anything.

Strategy 3 - Not Quite Cribs Tour

Remember that show MTV Cribs? We're getting inspired by that and bringing people for a quick home tour.

Strategy 4 - $20 FB Buzz

Let every potential home buyer in the local area know about your new listing with the $20 FB Buzz.

Strategy 5 - KLT Goldmine

We can use this secret source of business to tap in and see if they know someone that wants to buy the house.

Strategy 6 - SSVIP Tour

There are 20 people who are the most likely to sell your listing (besides you, of course).

Module 1 - The Setup 

How to make a phone call at the perfect time to prepare your clients to record a video testimonial.

Module 2 - Video Testimonial

When and where to get the best possible testimonial video from your clients.

Module 3 - Written Review

Next learn how to get an awesome written testimonial on one of the major websites online.  

Module 4 - The Advanced 

Advanced techniques to get more reviews that create more free mortgage clients.  

8 Hours of Private Social Media Training

This one day live seminar was put on by Sean Matheis and myself for his private mastermind. We recorded the whole thing and broke it up into one hour segments. You get full access inside.

"You won't be disappointed..."

"I highly recommend Nick if you are looking to set yourself apart from others in the Real Estate industry, you won't be disappointed."

DAVID GOLDBERG Residential Mortgage Specialist

"I cannot recommend Nick strongly enough..."

"If you are wondering how to get started, or to simplify and get some real traction with your online marketing, I cannot recommend Nick strongly enough."

J. Darrin grossCommercial Insurance Agent

"If you need a lead generation guru, hit up Nick..."

"I recently asked Nick to review a Facebook lead generation advertisement that I had been running for quite some time. I made the changes that Nick suggested and let the advertisement run for 4 days at 1/2 the budget to see what would happen. I was shocked by the results. I got twice the leads for 1/2 the cost. That's a 300% increase. If you need a lead generation guru, hit Nick up. You won't regret it. Thanks Nick!"

DORIAN MOFFAT The Unknown Realtor


You will receive a login for 24/7 access to the Legion of Loan Officers training website called Mortgage Marketing Mastery with all 5 courses and the recorded live weekly calls. You will also be added to our secret Facebook discussion group where we offer weekly group Q&A calls, monthly webinars with high level experts, and other bonus content not available inside the membership site.

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this taught live or recorded?

A: All the training material is recorded in a private membership website you'll get 24/7 access to so you can go at your own pace through the material.

Q: Do I have access to the training for a certain amount of time?

A: You have access to our training site, support group, weekly calls & live events for 12 months. 

Q: Are there on-going charges?

A: Some software and tools we recommend have monthly or annual charges. 

Q: Can I get one-on-one help?

A: Yes, we have weekly live Q&A calls so you can get any specific issues handled. 

Q: Are there ever live in person meetups?

A: Yes, we meet twice a year in person to develop deeper connections and get sh*t done fast.  

Q: Are these Facebook funnels compliant for my mortgage company?

A: Oh hell yes. In fact, we've never had one campaign denied EVER since 2014. We all hate compliance so we took on the burden of providing completely compliant lead generation funnels. 


You will receive a login for 24/7 access to the Legion of Loan Officers training website called Mortgage Marketing Mastery with all 5 courses and the recorded live weekly calls. You will also be added to our secret Facebook discussion group where we offer weekly group Q&A calls, monthly webinars with high level experts, and other bonus content not available inside the membership site.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."  - Benjamin Franklin

P.S. Ask about my Massive Military Discount for all Veterans!

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